donderdag 22 maart 2018

When love was king van Gregory Porter

Gisteravond, 21 maart, begin van de lente, was ik met mijn lief naar Gregory Porter in Carré. Ik ga niet vaak naar concerten omdat ik niet zo van de grote groepen mensen ben. En áls ik naar een concert ga dan zet ik me lijfelijk vaak een soort van schrap. Gisteravond hoefde dat niet en kon ik het binnen laten komen. En ik werd echt omver geblazen door dit lied. De tranen liepen me over de wangen. Prachtig!

When Love Was King
Once was a kingdom, far far away.
Love was the rule of the day.
Nothing more nothing less
Than to give your friend your best.
There's much more story that I could tell
To make the hardest hearts swell.
This is the story when love was king.
When love was king, do you remember?
When love was king, when love was king
I remember when love was king
He ruled the land, with his fist unfurled
With open arms for the world
Of hungry children, first he'd think
To pull their lives from the brink
When love was king
He rescued souls lost in the sea
In drifting vessel he would hear their plea
When love was king
He threw a line before they'd sink
And gave the thirsty ones a drink
He told the meek that they should try
To use the sword to smite the lie
That being king is for the weak
When love was king
I pray the lord these words we seek
When love was king
He showed respect for every man
Regardless of their skin or clan
Beside him stood his mighty queen
and equal force wise and keen
He lifted up the underneath
And all his wealth he did bequeath
To those who toiled with out a gain
SO they would remember his reign
So seek someplace to call your own
Right next to this mighty shinning throne
When love was king
When love was king
Songwriters: Gregory Porter
Songteksten voor When Love Was King © Universal Music Publishing Group

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